- Problem -
After major market events that took place and cause customer support queries to soar, IG wanted to revamp the whole customer experience. The main focus was to allow clients to self serve themselves for common queries, while introducing new and more effluence channels for clients to contact us if they need further assistance.
Below you will find various designs of the new Support Hub that showcase cohesion across all IG platforms while maintaining a native look and feel. Although the visual aspect is constrained by the existing design system the user experience has been entirely designed from scratch. Previously the help screen consisted of 3 links that led users to various external pages. This implementation enables the user to answer a query without leaving the platform and before reaching out to one of IG’s representatives. This in turn makes it quicker for them and it also deflects some of the commonly asked queries away from our trading services agents.

This first version acts as baseline that will enable the team to introduce more features in the future.
- Outcome -
During the initial A/B test that targeted a portion of our UK based clients we found that the new Support Hub managed to reduce calls to our trading services agents by a sizeable amount. Then we did smilier A/B tests for our mobile platforms before rolling it out fully to all of our UK clients both with Live and Demo accounts.
Furthermore, the way the Support Hub was built allowed us to quickly test and launch in Germany, with more regions to come. 
Thanks for reading :)
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