- The problem - 
The Mode app offers users a quick and frictionless way to pay using QR codes or buttons for mobile stores. Users that don’t have the app can still pay at checkout with Mode using Open Banking via our web portal. After going live with our web checkout flow we could see a big drop-off during the first steps of the flow. Especially in the steps before user were transferred to their bank.
- The solution - 
We figured that creating some positive friction in the form of informational screens could solve the confusion around Open Banking (as large portion of interviewed users had never used Open Banking for a payment in the past). So we redesigned the first few screens to include steps as well as a transfer screen right before we send them to their external bank.
- The outcome - 
We used Maze to test our existing and newly redesigned flow with a curated pool of users. The results were pretty clear, users were able to complete the flow quicker and could more easily understand how the payment works and at which point they’ll be transferred to their external bank to complete their purchase. That also reinforced the feeling of security using the web checkout flow. The changes are going to be live soon and more work is being done to simply the process even more.
Thanks for reading :)
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