- The Idea -
I wanted to put together an interactive art exhibition in my home island of Mykonos in which people can see famous landmarks come to life using their mobile devices. The artwork would be printed on large canvases and when viewed through a phone or tablet camera the artwork would start changing. Either by 'popping out' of the canvas, create the illusion of depth or elements on the painting to move.
- Breakdown -
- Part 1: Preparing the artwork -
The artwork was created in Procreate in order to leverage the layering capabilities while keeping the hand drawn effect on the drawing.
This is when I got to experiment with different techniques especially covering 'blind spots' that traditionally wouldn't be visible if you viewed the drawing from one angle. 
- Part 2: Creating the app -
The prototype of the app was created in Xcode using ARKit as it was easier to test using the devices I had in hand. In a nutshell, the app detects a reference image and it adds the pre specified layers on top and scales them appropriately.
This solution is far from perfect but it quickly illustrates what is possible.
- Bringing everything together -
Thanks for reading :)
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