- The problem - 
Having a development background I can easily understand that things designers find obvious for developers that might not be the case. One of the most well known examples is animations. For us designers it’s pretty easy to make a transition in After Effects or create a prototype on Figma of how an animation should work in an app. However if you send the prototype to a developer and ask them to make it oftentimes you’ll spend an extensive time going back and forth trying to explain how it actually works.
- The solution - 
After researching quite a bit on the topic the solution came from a keynote of a large tech company that was facing the same issue and that is Motion specs. I went on to redefine all animations on the dashboard using graphs, showing how long an animation should be, when different element are changing and how. This was a very interesting process as it really makes you understand how movement can be translated in words.
- The outcome - 
Developers we very pleased to see that now they had actual values to work with. It cut down developing time significantly and the review time was almost eliminated since they could essentially read exactly what was on my mind.
Thanks for reading :)
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